Scott Greenway - Lighting Artist

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Lighting Stills:

Games Shipped:

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Work Experience:

Lighting Artist
Naughty Dog
Sept 2012-Current

Senior Lighting Artist
Insomniac Games
July 2011-Sept 2012

Lighting Artist
Insomniac Games
June 2007-July 2011

Cinematic Lighting Artist/ Shading TD
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Sept 2006-May 2007

Environment and character lighting. Proprietary engine lighting and development. Node based shader creation. Maya and MentalRay lighting and rendering. Real time cinematics lighting. Atmospheric and optical effects, gobo/cookie effects, simulated bounced light and mental ray baked global illumination. Static + dynamic separate lighting systems. MentalRay subsurface-scattering.

Led a lighting team to research and test new lighting technology for a new engine built from the ground up in-house.

Lit every cinematic for Resistance 3 that was done in-house. (23 minutes 41 seconds of cinematics.)

Additional Skills:
Modeling and texturing in Autodesk Maya (A few instances of this overlap include modeling and texturing numerous light fixtures used in the final game.) Extensive look-development for shading and other aspects of art departments and coordination with lighting. Led a team to develop MentalRay subsurface-scattering shading for cinematic characters. Expert knowledge of Perforce as well as Temerity Software's "Pipeline" production control application. Houdini procedural modeling, UNIX shell scripting experience. Excellent communication organizational and team-leading skills.


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